Thanks to capitalism in China, I’m less homesick

First thing we arrived in Beijing, we searched for wireless in McDonalds.

When our Pingyao tour guide rushed us to the airport , we ran into good old Kentucky Fried Chicken for a quick bite.

And finally as I was drenched in sweat after walking countless miles (or kilometers) under the gleaming sun in Shanghai, a UNIQLO store miraculously appeared in front me.

I love being adventurous with food and buying cheap clothes from random street shops when I’m abroad.  I like to explore new things, even if I end up getting an upset stomach from fried yak meat.  However, there are times when I resort to generic brands - times when the realization of being 5000 miles away from home suddenly hits me.  I need to go somewhere that will be the same where ever I am on the world map. 

By the way, I got a white V-neck shirt from UNIQLO.  I adore it.

Notes, July 6, 2011

The crew

Part of our group…pretty diverse, aren’t we?

a lot of fun people.  We pushed Sydni into the water later.  Just kidding.

Classy dinner in Hanoi.

We had some adorable members accompanying us in Dunhuang, China.

And our entire group, plus Professor Steele, all blinded by smog in Beijing.

Notes, June 29, 2011

Angkor Wat_Monks and Hallway

0 notes, June 27, 2011